The Experience (Why need an Onward Ticket)

After having visited Europe, you plan to visit South East Asia. And while you enjoyed every single minute in Italy, Paris, and Spain, you're more than ready to explore the vast culture and beaches of Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand.

You eagerly hand over your passport and ticket at the check in counter. At that point, clear visions of white beaches and blue skies slowly begin to materialize in your head.  You remain in that blissful trance, right up until the moment you hear the airline agent say…

“Can I please see your proof of onward ticket?”

You stand there, confused. Only thing you can say is "what?"

“We cannot let you board your flight without proof that you will come back.”

After trying to beg the airline agent without success, the visions in your head are now replaced of a plane taking off without you.

Perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing, I know I have. As dealing with the issue of onward flight tickets is something that many travelers whose travel plans are open-ended and therefore doesn’t involve any onward flights.

The Solution

In order to avoid a similar situation, I now make sure that I’m always prepared. But that doesn’t mean that I’m purchasing roundtrip tickets all of the time. Instead, I "rent" a return ticket.

While some might think this is a bit ‘questionable’, it is a workaround that saves me a great deal of money and hassle by eliminating the fear involved with hearing those dreaded words – ‘where’s your onward ticket?

Here's how I do it:

  1. On your computer or phone (yes, you can do it even with phone), search
  2. Once you're in the website, click Create Itinerary. This where you fill up your information- name, departing and arrival airport, and depart date.
  3.  Click Find Flights. And you will see all the available flights and airlines. see photo below
  4.  Now there are three choices:
    • FREE return ticket. Where you will have put all the flight information for one of the suitable flights, including the flight #, dates/times, duration, total miles of the itinerary, airline and type of aircraft.
    • Fake return ticket for only $3.99. Where you only put your personal information and we will find all the available flights and airline for you.
    • Rental return ticker for only $9.99. The process is the same with the second option except it's a legit airline ticket.
  5. Once you've chosen what ticket to get and paid for the corresponding fee, they will send you a confirmatory ticket and you'll be good to go.

And when an airline check-in staff or even an immigration officer, asks for proof of your onward ticket, simply hand over your confirmation and you’ll quickly be on your way.

Can I really guarantee the success of the first two options? Nope. So you’ll have to use it at your own risk. However, it’s worked for me each and every time.



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There are many aspects of travel that could go wrong- bad accomodation, bad weather, getting sick, getting ripped off by locals. But that's all during the vacation. What about before that? Example, airports. Yup, airports.

Cancelled flights, long stopovers, lost baggages, airport security giving you a hard time, long line in costums. Really, i could go on forever.

Here are some very frustrating airport problems I've encountered on my trip to Bali, Indonesia.

Delayed flights

Three hours delayed

Long delayed flights.

I am from Philippines. I live in an island called Bohol, it is located beside Cebu City where the nearest international airport is. To get to Cebu, I have to take a ferry which will take 2 hours of my life. No big deal though if you're promised of paradise at the end.

I arrived in Cebu 4 hours ahead of my flight. I knew things were a bit off because I've gotten a few emails indicating delays and plane switches.

Then it begins.

The flight is delayed for an hour, then two, then three. I have a connecting flight in Singapore and I rather not miss it so I jog over to customer care and cue second problem..

Long line in costumer care.

Waiting in line

Line for costumer care

After standing for 40 minutes in line, it's finally my turn. I tried all options- different flight, different airline, different arrival airport etc. The agent typed frantically and luckily enough we found another flight which won't leave for the next 2 hours but I booked a much later flight. Just to be on the safer side with all of flight delays.

I arrived in Singapore almost 4 hours later than our expected arrival. But all is good. I got enough time to spare so I decided to walk around the airport and look at the shops since it's still too early for check-in. 

Feeling positive about the trip and excited to be in Bali. Nothing can put me down! Or so I thought, until I went to check-in.

I got denied entry of the country!

Denied entry

Stucked in the airport

Yes, that's right. My dream vacation is o-v-e-r.

Apparently, I need a return ticket to Philippines. It's an airport protocol to make sure I wont stay more than 30 days which is the allowed length of stay in Indonesia.

Now I am stucked at the airport with two options:

  • Get a return ticket which will be three times as expensive as my one way ticket to Bali


  • Go back home

I was on the verge of crying. All that 2 hour ferry ride, 3 hours flight delayed, changes of flight schedules and now to this.

I sat for 30 minutes staring at nothing until I came back to my senses. Going home is never an option for me! I have to do something. So I search the internet for any alternative and there I saw, the light at the end of the tunnel. I kid you not. Said light is called

I was able to purchase a return ticket for just $9.99!

I was doubtful at first if it's really legit because really, $9.99 for a ticket?! But hey, beggars cant be choosers right? I'll take whatever I can get at this point. So I took the risk.

After I took a screenshot of the flight confirmation they emailed me, I went to check-in again. And wallah, it worked!! 3 hours later I'm in Bali, lounging in the beach while sipping piña colada.

Lounging in the pool

Finally in Paradise

Lesson of the story:

Always book a roundtrip ticket. And if you're not sure when you're coming back, book at