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Why Book A Return Ticket?

Return Ticket Of course I'm going to buy a return ticket rather than one way ticket. Because flying one-way with many of the major carriers is normally far more expensive than half of a return due to the way airlines price flights (not as unusual as you might think!). And if you spend a lot […]

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The Reality Of Onward Ticket

The Experience (Why need an Onward Ticket) After having visited Europe, you plan to visit South East Asia. And while you enjoyed every single minute in Italy, Paris, and Spain, you're more than ready to explore the vast culture and beaches of Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. You eagerly hand over your passport and ticket at […]

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Fake Return Flight Ticket

Fake Return Flight Ticket One-way ticket with no return date and location to end your journey seemed like a dream, until it turned into a nightmare. Imagine this, you’re planning a trip to Asia and was uber excited about the thought of surfing, hiking, snorkeling, and all those colorful fruity drinks with little umbrellas while […]