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Why Book A Return Ticket?

Return Ticket

Of course I'm going to buy a return ticket rather than one way ticket. Because flying one-way with many of the major carriers is normally far more expensive than half of a return due to the way airlines price flights (not as unusual as you might think!). And if you spend a lot of time reading up on the visa/entry requirements for countries around the world as I do, you’ll realize that a high percentage of countries do require tourists to have a return ticket in order to be granted entry.

Of course I like to have my return ticket with an open return date because I'm flexible. I don't have to fit in with the date of return, which I initially appointed when purchasing a return ticket. Especially if I plan a longer stay and I don't know exactly when I'll be back.

Of course flexible return tickets are VERY expensive and the longer the ticket is open, the more expensive it will be. So next option is to book the flight back way past the intended return date but close enough so that I'm not indicating to an immigration officer that I will overstay my visa requirements. Then I'll just buy a new ticket to get back home instead of using my old one.


Sounds like a hell lot of hassle and money? I know. That's why I use!

I don't have to spend a helluva lot of money for a return ticket that most probably won't be use. Or buy a flexible/open return ticket where I have to pay additional fee for every changes I make.

How much money I spend? Only $9.99! Now, this may sound a little shady to you.

The $9.99 you're paying is basically just a deposit so you can't actually use the flight but the ticket is enough for the purpose of showing proof of onward travel and it's cheaper than paying for an actual flight which you are not going to use.

I have been using them after that incident and it works all the time without any problems.

You can also get it for for as low as $3.99 or FREE! wish you bon voyage!

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Fake Return Flight Ticket

Stuck at airport

Return flight help

Fake Return Flight Ticket

One-way ticket with no return date and location to end your journey seemed like a dream, until it turned into a nightmare.

Imagine this, you’re planning a trip to Asia and was uber excited about the thought of surfing, hiking, snorkeling, and all those colorful fruity drinks with little umbrellas while poolside lounging, cute boys in tight board shorts and azure waters lapping on your skin.

Then you went to the airport and boom!

You’ve just experienced a traveler’s worst nightmare:

  • They wont let you travel.

or much much worst

  • Getting denied entry into a country of your destination and having to fly back home on the same flight you came over on.

And all of that just because you didn’t have a return ticket.

Cue the tears.

Now, you have two choices to get a return ticket:

  • Book a flexible return ticket where you can change the flight back from the beginning but it will also be more expensive.


  • Book a roundtrip ticket but then again, you’re not sure when you’re coming back home and there’s a possibility that that return ticket which you paid FULL price will just go to waste.

You also have to consider the fact that some airlines don't like it when you drop tickets (legs or entire flights) because it's cheaper for you. As a result, not turning up can be held against you and any frequent flyer program that you might hold with them.

Talk about airport problems.

Though, I don't know of anyone personally that's had theirs cancelled or penalised, but have seen it mentioned frequently elsewhere online. Not a big deal, but better to avoid it when you can, right?

What if I tell you that you don’t have to buy an expensive flexible return ticket or pay full price for a ticket that you probably wont use anyway?

What I am talking about is renting a return ticket for 24hrs or more depends on how long you will need it!

Yes, you read that right.

You can get a return ticket for only $9.99 for 24hrs or FREE!

How to get that return ticket?

Where to get that return ticket?

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